Riding a motorcycle in the Vercors

The impression of having the road for you, many winding roads, spectacular passes, narrow gorges, vertiginous descents with bends and hairpins, but also beautiful straight lines to let off steam, the Vercors is a biker’s paradise!

We provide you with various routes departing from the hotel.
About 200 routes can be loaded on Garmin (or transcribed on Tomtom) according to your desires, your possibilities or the sites you want to discover: Vercors passes or around the Vercors, gorges, spectacular sites …
We have all the necessary equipment for a motorcycle trip: secure garage, maintenance area, drying equipment for boots, gloves and clothing.

For a long stay, we also offer a specific package.
Do not hesitate to contact us before your stay to take advantage of our promotion on tires.

Vercors’ routes